Automotive power supply Design

December 17, 2015
Test Data

This TI reference design is an automotive cluster wide Vin power supply solution that includes a wide Vin buck converter with an integrated LDO. Also includes a highly efficient synchronous step-down, dc-dc converter. Along with a linear regulator designed to meet JEDEC SSTL-2 and JEDEC SSTL-18 specifications for DDR termination. This cluster power solution is optimized for the mid-end cluster market with the entire solution supporting 6.0V-40V system capabilities that can withstand start stop, and load dump conditions. The front end buck converter (TPS65320-Q1) is capable of supporting 4.5V cold crank conditions.

  • Wide input voltage range: 6.0V - 40V withstanding start/stop, and load dump conditions
  • Monolithic high-voltage switching regulator with an integrated switch of 40 V, a power MOSFET, and a low-standby-current LDO Switching frequency programmable 100kHz – 2.5MHz
  • 3-MHz 2-A Step-Down Converter in 2-mm x 2-mm SON Package
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