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July 5, 2015
Autodesk Alias Automotive 2015
FreeCAD 0.7 is a 3D CAD modeler for general purpose.
This software is oriented for mechanical engineering, product design and related features like CatiaV4 and V5, SolidWorks and Solid Edge. It has a 2D component in order to extract design detail from the 3D model to create 2D production drawings. It provides the option to import files to modify or view designs from other 3D modeler software; it also offers the option to export your projects to other CAD, Mesh, Inventor or VRML known formats. This software can be run in three different modes: as a GUI application with 3D viewer, as a command line version with low memory use or as a Phyton module.
This software is divided into modules: Mesh, modeling, I/O, Evaluation and Repair, CAD, Drawing, CAM and Raytracing. All the modules are for specific tasks and are separately for a better performance and administration.
It’s GUI is fully customizable and scriptable; you can record macros in order to show the steps, views, or scripts of your designs. It’s easy and friendly to user. The documentation provides a complete guide to use properly the software and is open to add comments and corrections on its wiki website.
The installation process is performed by a modular MSI installer and is very easy to perform.
FreeCAD runs in Windows (2000 & XP, and Vista), and for Debian-based Linux systems (32-bit only) platforms.
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[wnv] 3d car body design software free download
[wnv] 3d car body design software free download
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