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August 14, 2017
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IAD designed and developed many cutting edge and memorable concept cars developed as showcases demonstrating the company's creative and engineering expertise including the IAD Alien, IAD Hunter, IAD Interstate, IAD Arrival, IAD Royale, IAD Mini MPV, IAD Venus and finally the IAD Magia. IAD amassed a talented group of designers, engineers and prototype builders who have subsequently gone on to senior positions within the automotive industry.

They specialized in car prototyping and engineering design. Mayflower Corp. purchased IAD after it went into receivership in the early 90's with the Engineering, Design groups and facilities were sold to Daewoo Motors 1993.

The Mazda MX5 (Miata) was one of the many projects IAD was involved in, developing not only Exterior and Interior style for the vehicle in the UK/ US (California) but also building prototypes locally prior to volume production in 1989. Mazda came to IAD to replicate the "true" English sports car invoking the MG's success of handling and even directed the Chassis team to copy the exhaust note of early MGBs.


The founder John Shute was a great entrepreneur who was a tough but shrewd businessman. He saw possibilities for expansion in the Automotive R&D consultancy business and grabbed it. He had a knack along with his sales team of getting projects out of a manufacturer which would often led to bigger projects later on. Overall John, who died from cancer in the 1990s was an enigmatic character who suffered fools badly but rewarded people who tried.

Board Members[edit]

  • Mike Hyatt - Director of Programs
  • Yvonne Shute - Board Secretary
  • Mike Goldsmith - Director of Sales
  • Peter Waters - Human Resources Director/ Director of IAD Consulting
  • Trevor Lacey - Engineering Director
  • Guy Hudson - IT Director
  • Godfrey Harker - Finance Director
  • J.Mason - Operations Director
  • J.Singer -

Divisional Directors[edit]

  • Bill Livingstone - Spanish Operations
  • Neil Brooker - Director Asia/Pacific Operations
  • Bill Anthony - France Operations
  • Alan Jackson - Studio Director
  • Greg Greeson- German Operations
  • Carl Meyers - US East Coast Operations

and others

Design Directors[edit]

  • Eddie Pepall
  • Trevor Fiore
  • Alan Jackson


Team 1: Automotive Gearbox Design
Team 1: Automotive Gearbox Design
Team 25: Automotive Gearbox Design
Team 25: Automotive Gearbox Design
Automotive Design Industry - 1996 Birmingham International
Automotive Design Industry - 1996 Birmingham International ...
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