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July 6, 2016
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With companies like BMW, Jaguar, Peugeot, Land Rover and Aston Martin and numerous automotive supply and support industries on our doorstep, the University of Warwick is ideally placed within the Midlands for studies in Automotive Engineering.

Throughout the course, the teaching draws on the considerable expertise available within Warwick's internationally respected research teams, including the International Automotive Research Centre and the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre. Students will therefore have access to leading edge research in this area.

A consortium of leading automotive companies has identified that the recruitment, retention and fast-tracking of high quality automotive engineers are critical issues facing many companies within the UK automotive sector. This degree has therefore been designed in collaboration with this consortium with the intention of supporting them in meeting their demands for appropriately skilled graduates.

Multidisciplinary studies and strong foundations

Automotive Engineering students at Warwick initially follow a multi-disciplinary, unified programme in the first two years that introduces basic design and analytical techniques, business techniques and commercial awareness, and develops technical and personal skills. Subsequent years build on these elements, specialising in the manufacturing and production aspects of automotive systems, and presenting material within the key areas of technology, design, materials, analysis and management.

We use our geographical location and contacts within the target industry to enhance the curriculum. Industrial projects are inherently multi-disciplinary, so Automotive Engineers must frequently collaborate with a wide range of other technical specialists such as design, manufacturing, mechanical, electronic and systems engineers. Engineering degrees at Warwick therefore provide a broad-based education in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering, and modern design techniques.

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